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 Blue Ocean Safari, offering spearfishing, free-diving, snorkel, and dive charter adventure tours. We pride ourselves on being ocean ecoconscious. By basing our learning on target practice and hunting invasives we are not only preserving our delicate ecosystem we are actually helping it. We believe that you should know the species name, size limit, ect before harvesting any game species and not relying on the "shoot first, ask questions later". We use only the best locally made Hammerhead spearguns and equipment voted #1 in accuracy by two leading spearfishing Magazines.  Our advanced Blue water charter will give you the tools and resources needed to hunt the non-territorial pelagic species.  Furthermore we do not guaranty any fish. like my uncle used to say, "It is called spearfishing not spearcatching". Of course we do our best to put you on the fish!  Most of our adventures start at 8am (Blue Water Charter starts at 6am) and we will arrange to pick you up or meet at a convenient location. Travel Times vary due to us traveling to the best location given local conditions. We can travel up to 45mins to get to the best spot, but don't worry your time doesn't start until we start the instruction. This can make for a long day so pack a lunch, plenty of sun screen and we'll take care of the rest.  All dives and snorkels will be from shore with the exception of The Blue Charter and special circumstances.  Under 18 must have signed permission from parent or guardian. Thanks and always practise safe and sustainable fishing.



Located on the Beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii offering spearfishing and freediving adventures for beginners to advanced. No experience needed! prior snorkel experience preferred and must be an adequate swimmer.


CONTACT US:  (808) 551 - 5186

* Please call for special Kama'aina (with valid ID), Military, return customer,  or group rates.

* Booking dates subject to change due to extreme ocean/ weather conditions.


 Spearfishing Experience

Feeling adventurous? Take our Spearfishing Experience. Perfect for the beginner and fun for the whole family. Learn spearfishing basics, target practice, and hunt invasive fish ( Roi, Toau, Taape) helping balance our fragile ecosystem. All  rental gear provided. see more

3-5 Hours - $165.00 / Person

Guided Snorkel Tours 

Our guided snorkel tours allow you to enjoy the beauty of the waters that surround Oahu with the safety of a professional waterman that can help ID the amazing fish and marine life. All rental gear included. see more

2 Hours - $65.00 / Person

101 Freediving 

An introduction into Freediving. A form of underwater diving that relies on a divers ability to hold his or her breath without the use of scuba gear. learn breathe up techniques, equalizing, safety and more. gear available upon request. see more

4 Hours - $135.00 / Person

Blue Water Charter

This charter is for spearfisherman that is looking to hunt a pelagic or deep reef game fish. Head out in a 12.5ft inflatable for a more 1 on 1 experience instead of the typical crowded charter boat. rental gear available upon request. 2 person max + guide. Prior free diving experience required or purchase with 101 Free dive for the ultimate adventure. See Video

5 Hours - $220.00 / Person

  • Didn't see the package your looking for please call and we will design a package  to your needs! like us on facebook @